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Magnetic SkyeLashes

Magnetic SkyeLashes

Magnetic SkyeLashes

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No more Glueing your eyes shut! applying false eyelashes can be tedious and a hassle, but with our brand new Magnetic SkyeLashes, you won't have to struggle with them again! apply each eye in a matter of seconds. 

 Get that Perfect beautiful look within seconds! looking gorgeous isn't hard if you have the right tools, make the process quicker and easier with SkyeLashes.

How to use

  • Attach SkyeLashes to our magnetic applicator
  • ensure both lashes are curled upward
  • close eye and gently press the SkyeLashes together
  •  release and voila
To remove, simply rub SkyeLashes separating the imbedded magnets and store for later use.

SkyeLash Features-

  • 100% waterproof, SkyeLashes use strong magnets to stick together 
  • Simple to apply, put on within seconds to achieve that gorgeous look
  • Easy to remove, and reuse. with proper use, SkyeLashes are the last lashes you'll ever need!

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We offer quick and easy customer support, guaranteed to make your shopping experience better. If you have any issues with your SkyeLashes we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on any faulty/broken products. We offer Fast Shipping in the US that comes with USPS Tracking.

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